Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Bill McCandless Ford Announces the Much Anticipated 2013 "Year End Giveaway" Winner!

Costa Mesa, CA – March 12, 2014 –  Bill McCandless Ford recently participated in the Ford “Year End Giveaway” digital media promotion in partnership with Flash Point Communications and Ford Motor Company, and the support of over 1,400 participating Dealers.  

Flash Point developed the interactive campaign that integrated social interactions and Dealership participation while functioning as a Social/Lead generator, in partnership with Ford Motor Company. People nationwide entered the sweepstakes by choosing a vehicle, watching a short video, registering, and writing a shout-out on Facebook ("Tagging" their friends). This enticed entrants’ friends to participate via other Social Media platforms like Twitter and Instagram on both the desktop and the mobile version of the site. The program also offered people the chance to watch 10 videos for additional entries (10) into the promotion. Not only was the "Year End Giveaway" cross-promoted and accessible on different Social Media platforms, it changed Creative updates to align with spike offers during the "Black Friday" and “Dream Big” periods. The promotion successfully garnered 104,282 Hand-raisers and drove incremental sales during the 43-day offer.

With “10 Vehicles, 10 Videos, and 10 Chances to win” a new Ford vehicle, the promotion not only produced successful performance results but one lucky winner, Connie H. from Mercer, PA. She was randomly selected as the winner and was awarded $30,000 towards her choice of a 2014 Ford Mustang, Focus, Fiesta, Fusion, Escape, Taurus, Explorer; as well as a 2013 C-MAX Hybrid or 2013 F-150!  

Connie decided to put her $30,000 voucher towards a brand new 2014 Ford Escape, which has class-exclusive available foot-activated liftgate (*Class is Small Utilities). The vehicle was awarded to Connie by Bill McCandless Ford. Bill McCandless Ford, along with the other 1,400+ Ford dealers, will continue to participate in other promotions like the "Year End Giveaway" throughout 2014.

Winner testimonial – Connie H. from Mercer, PA

"Winning still seems like a dream. My experience has been great... I wanted to become an owner of a Ford vehicle because I never had one, I have heard good things about several different Ford vehicles and will be excited to have an American made vehicle of my own.."

About Flash Point Communications

For over fourteen years, Flash Point Communications has been recognized as a leading innovator in the digital media marketplace. With an emphasis on social media and specialization in automotive advertising groups, the firm has established itself as an industry specialist serving the globe’s most respected automotive brands including Ford, GM, Chrysler, Toyota, Cadillac, Lexus and Mazda. Based in Costa Mesa, California, Flash Point’s 25 employees service clients from four offices nationwide. For more information, please visit or check out or Facebook page at

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Parks Ford Lincoln of Gainesville Awarded The Gas & Go Further Giveaway Winner $30,000 towards a Brand New C-MAX!

Costa Mesa, CA – February 5, 2014Parks Ford Lincoln of Gainesville recently participated in a Flash Point Communications/Ford Motor Company digital media promotion: “Gas & Go Further Giveaway.” The program promoted Ford fuel efficient vehicles with participation from seven (7) Ford regional ad groups and over 1,400+ Ford Dealers. In the end, one lucky winner from Gainesville, FL was chosen at random to win $30,000 towards their choice of a 2013 Fiesta, Focus, Fusion, Escape, or C-MAX! 

Flash Point, in partnership with Ford Motor Company, developed the multimedia campaign that integrated social, digital interactions, and Dealership participation while building awareness about the fuel efficient lineup Ford calls “Super Segment.” People from all over the country entered the sweepstakes by watching a short Ford-related video, then filling out an information form. Entrants had the opportunity to share the program and invite friends to participate using Social Media properties like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. The program also offered people the chance to watch more videos for additional entries into the promotion.

Over 91,000 people entered to win and Albert Traversa from Gainesville, FL was selected as the lucky winner! Traversa chose to put his $30,000 voucher towards a brand new Ford C-MAX Hybrid, which has great fuel efficiency. (*C-MAX Hybrid: EPA-estimated rating of 45 city/40 hwy/43 combined mpg. Actual mileage will vary.) The vehicle was awarded to Albert by Parks Ford Lincoln of Gainesville. Parks Ford Lincoln of Gainesville, along with the other 1,400+ Ford dealers, participated in Ford-funded programs like Ford Gas and Go Further throughout 2013 and will continue to do so in 2014.

Winner testimonial – Albert Traversa from Gainesville, FL

"...When we received a call that I had won $30,000 towards the price of a new Ford, I thought, "is this for real"? Well, it was. My wife and I did some research on the cars available and chose a Ford C-MAX Hybrid... This has been a special experience for us and we want to thank Ford for providing this opportunity at this time in our lives."

About Flash Point Communications

For over fourteen years, Flash Point Communications has been recognized as a leading innovator in the digital media marketplace.  With an emphasis on social media and specialization in automotive advertising groups, the firm has established itself as an industry specialist serving the globe’s most respected automotive brands including Ford, GM, Chrysler, Toyota, Cadillac, Lexus, and Mazda. Based in Costa Mesa, California, Flash Point’s 25 employees service clients from four offices nationwide.  For more information, please visit or check out our Facebook page at

Friday, February 21, 2014

Coordinated Digital Launch Across 1,500 Dealers Nationwide Earns Flash Point New Ford Transit Connect Assignment

COSTA MESA, California, February 24, 2014—Ford Motor Company has chosen Flash Point Communications to create a fully integrated campaign that not only launches the all-new, 2014 Ford Transit Connect wagon, but seamlessly coordinates over 1,500 Ford dealers nationwide using digital and social media.

Part of Ford’s #Vandemonium promotion, the Flash Point campaign includes a launch video, a social- and mobile-compatible microsite, full integration with participating Ford Dealer Associations and over 1,500+ individual Ford dealers, plus lead generation coordinated through Flash Point’s proprietary social media platform.

“We needed to move very quickly and wanted to integrate every Ford dealer into the national launch,“ said Minyang Jiang, Brand Manager for the Ford Transit, Transit Connect and E-Series. “Flash Point made it work. And they have a great track record delivering ROI for Ford.”

“We really think we’re at the threshold of a new evolution in social media companies,” said Flash Point CEO Scott Empringham.  “In fact, when it comes to using digital media to integrate large dealer networks into national marketing programs, we’re pretty much ahead of the curve.”

“We know how to create content that gets a huge response,” said Empringham.  “Our proprietary enterprise software coordinates Tier I, Tier II and Tier III seamlessly.  And we’ve been able to generate some amazing leads and sales metrics.”

In addition to the Transit Connect launch video, Flash Point also provided product stills, turntable product footage, vignettes designed specifically for social media, and real-time marketing during the shoot itself.

“The Ford Transit Connect assignment gives us the chance to show our video capabilities,” said Empringham.  “It helped us win our Telly Award last year.  And we’re just getting better and better.”

With dual sliding doors, a rear liftgate, seating for up to seven passengers and up to 130.6 cubic feet of cargo space, the all-new, 2014 Ford Transit Connect is designed for both busy families and commercial applications. It boasts towing and payload that is best-in-class, and has achieved an EPA-estimated rating of up to 30 mpg on the highway.

For fourteen years, Flash Point Communications has been a leading innovator in social and digital media.   Based in Costa Mesa, California, Flash Point serves many of the globe’s most respected automotive brands from four offices nationwide. For more information, go to

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Marketing with Facebook: An Automotive Case Study

A Facebook “like” will, all by itself, never sell a car.  Ever.  And Facebook, alone, won’t “sell” a car.

Just like a telephone, all by itself, won’t sell a car…unless it is in the hands of a talented, knowledgeable salesperson.

But that’s not a comment on the limitations of either Facebook or a telephone.  It simply speaks to the importance of marketing savvy, no matter what the medium is.

As Peter Drucker once famously suggested, “The most serious mistakes are not being made as a result of the wrong answers…but asking the wrong questions.”

So what is the right question?

This case study is dedicated to the proposition that the real question is not, “Can Facebook Sell a Car?”  But rather…

“Can Facebook be successfully integrated into an overall promotion to generate incremental sales of cars and trucks?”

Given the shift from customer use of newspapers to social media, that’s a hugely important question for all car dealers.  And one that doesn’t let dealers off the hook by simply (and wrongly) dismissing social media as irrelevant or ineffective.

Dealer Group Case Study: 
In 2013, a Regional Dealer Group client approached Flash Point to develop and execute a Pilot, in which 100 Dealers were to receive incremental, turn-key marketing support throughout three National Sales Events.

The goal of the Pilot:
Determine if Facebook could be integrated into a National Sales Event, along with a hand-full of other marketing elements, to drive an incremental number of Facebook fans, Internet leads and new vehicle sales for a group of 100 Dealers.  A control group of over 1,500 Dealers did NOT receive the incremental marketing in order to determine incremental lift.

Results of the Pilot

The 100 dealers that received Flash Point’s incremental marketing and promotional support generated 700% more Facebook fans, 300% more leads and up to 800% more sales than the “control group.”  Results were sustained, improved, and independently confirmed throughout three sales events in 2013.

Conquest sales, or new vehicle sales coming from outside of the brand, were as high as 44%. 

Description of Incremental Marketing Support:
Flash Point managed all of the following elements on behalf of each of the 100 Pilot Dealers, through both managed services and proprietary digital marketing and social media publishing software:
  1. Facebook Installation of nationally-funded sweepstakes
  2. Website Installation of nationally-funded sweeps
  3. Instant Lead Delivery (website & Facebook)
  4. Facebook messaging
  5. Geo-targeted, in-market Facebook Advertising
  6. Email Marketing
  7. Campaign metrics
Conclusion/Implications:As marketers, we have two options: 1) build on fundamentals, continue to test and refine our marketing efforts by integrating both new technologies and approaches or 2) sit down and reject progress.  The choice is ours.  And yours.

The data is clear.  Facebook, along with smart marketing, the right software, and properly managed services can yield incremental fans, leads and sales for retailers that refuse to accept the status quo.
On the other hand, there’s also a wealth of data out there to "confirm", “Facebook can’t sell cars.”  And to that, we agree.  Alone, it certainly can’t.  Nor can a phone without someone skilled available to pick it up and use it.

To learn more about our managed services, promotions or enterprise-level social media publishing software, contact us today.

Monday, December 9, 2013

#HolidayMagic Powered by Flash Point Communications

This holiday season at Flash Point, we’re celebrating more than the innovation, creativity, and imagination that define us.  We’re celebrating the magic that’s a part of every holiday season. So, from our family to yours, we hope you enjoy a little #HolidayMagic. 

1.    Gift Wrapping Made Easy

2.    We Make Technology Pupular

3.    Look Ma No Hands


4.    Who Just Tweeted?


5.    Outtakes  

To put our Social Media solutions to work for you,
don’t hesitate to contact us.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

10 Reasons to Apply for the FPC Winter Internship

With the fall interns’ final presentations fast approaching, it’s time to reflect on how much each of the interns have learned during their time at Flash Point Communications.

From managing multiple social media platforms to brainstorming new copy for ads, they all got to experience working in a digital advertising agency. This highly collaborative and creative group brought whole new features to FPC’s platforms to increase our brand’s identity and relationship to other digital marketing companies. It’s time to pass the torch to the next group of interns this winter.

Take a look at the current interns’ 10 reasons why choosing FPC for your next internship should top your job hunt.

1. You don't have to pay for parking

2. The office is well decorated

3. The furniture is comfortable

4. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is served

5. Going on Facebook every 5 minutes is applauded

6. In fact, using every social media outlet every 5 seconds is in the job description

7. This

8. Daily exercise is encouraged

9. Team planning sessions are very inclusive

10. Everyone is ridiculously good looking

*Bonus: Learn advertising lingo

Monday, September 30, 2013

Flash Point Rolls Out New Ford Taurus Promotion with Enterprise-Wide Social Media Solution

Flash Point Communications recently launched a highly scalable promotion through social media to promote the Ford Taurus and Taurus SHO.

The promotion, called The Ultimate Dinner And A Show, uses Flash Point’s proprietary enterprise-wide social media platform to reach Facebook users on multiple pages with unique and targeted messaging.

“Our proprietary platform lets us scale one promotion to multiple pages with a few clicks. The advantage to the advertiser is scale and reach. The advantage to the Ad Groups we support is 'free and compelling content'. It’s a double-win,” said Scott Empringham, CEO of Flash Point.

“This way, each Ford dealer marketing group Facebook page can ‘promote the campaign, capture leads’ as well as receive unique messaging, tailored to their Ad Group’s specific needs,” said Empringham. “If dealers themselves want to leverage the promotion, our technology can easily scale to support that.”

“This Taurus promotion also has a competitive edge to it,” said Ryan Cashman, Ford’s Taurus Marketing Manager. “Entrants watch a video showing the competitive advantages of the Taurus. Then they answer a competitive trivia question before they enter the sweepstakes.”

“Offering a unique experience as a prize is very effective at generating buzz,” said Empringham. One lucky winner will receive a 3-day, all expenses paid trip for two to Las Vegas, including luxury accommodations, tickets to two Vegas shows, VIP dinners, an ultimate spa experience, and $1,500 in spending money.

The Ultimate Dinner and a Show Promotion will also award twenty-three weekly prizes. Each of these winners will receive a $100 gift card. The promotion runs through the end of 2013.

“Our winner receives a once-in-a-lifetime experience and our client gets thousands of quality hand-raisers and in-market leads,” said Empringham. “It’s a perfect win-win situation.”

Check out the website here:

For over twelve years, Flash Point Communications has been a leading innovator in social and digital media. Based in Costa Mesa, California, Flash Point serves many of the globe’s most respected automotive brands from four offices nationwide. For more information, visit our website: