Monday, September 27, 2010

Flash Point Communications Named Finalist in the 2010 Sammy Awards

"Showroom Rap" Receives Recognition!

Earlier this month, we were thrilled to learn that Flash Point Communications was honored at The 2010 SAMMY Awards in New York City. Each year, the SAMMY awards recognizes standout achievements in Social Advertising, Media, and Marketing. What an honor to be recognized at this prestigious awards show, and even better yet, to have made it as a finalist!

Flash Point, in partnership with TeamDetroit, was recognized for our innovative (and funny!) social media campaign for the Northwest Ford Dealer Association, in the category of Best Branded Video Campaign. The video "Showroom Rap" promotes the 2009 Ford Focus with a humorous new take on the old Candid Camera concept, capturing customer reactions as a Ford salesman unexpectedly bursts into a musical rap during a typical showroom demo. Check out the creativity as our very own under-cover rap artist breaks down the A-B-C's of the 09 Focus, highlighting the vehicle's features. The best part is watching the enthusiasm build as actual customers start to join in the fun!

After the initial full-length video was released on the Northwest Ford YouTube channel, a flood of additional remixes and extended versions were released to continue the campaign's buzz....leading to the video becoming the #1 search result for keyword "Ford Customer Service" for both YouTube and Google Video.

From the YouTube channel, viewers were encouraged to visit the Northwest Ford website, where they visit an online showroom and take a cool "virtual test drive" of the 2009 Ford Focus. Once the customer enters his name, the test drive launches a personalized vehicle demonstration. Check out the virtual test drive and take a spin in the Ford Focus yourself!

After the viewer kicks the Focus's virtual tires, a personalized email lands in their inbox directing them to their nearest Ford dealership where they can experience an actual test drive. These leads were then directly channeled to that particular dealership for follow-up. Slam dunk!

Congratulations to the entire team and special thanks to The SAMMY Awards judges!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Flash Point, Gimme The Gig & the 2011 Ford Fiesta

How and Why "Gimme the Gig" Came into Being

It was an amazing summer for us at Flash Point . One of our most recent adventures was developing and launching a campaign for the folks at Ford.

Gimme The Gig is an integrated campaign to launch the 2011 Ford Fiesta in the western half of the US, led by one of our Ford clients, Tom Grill. He had a vision. Find an interesting way to promote the all new Ford Fiesta while touching a main passion point with the target demo - which is music. The vision was to reach out to bands across the Western United States and see if we could encourage them to submit their music. At stake? A chance to get produced by the legendary Don Was. All the bands needed to do is submit a video of a performance of an original song online, have their fans vote them on the Fiesta Lounge Tour (and each person who voted received a Fiesta fun fact), and then play at one of the 75 Fiesta Lounge Tour dates all along the western part of the country for a shot at the finals. Here's the video Don did for us to help promote the campaign.

Once the basics were covered, it was time to kick it up a notch. Mr. Grill didn't want to do an ordinary music submission contest. He challenged us to come up with more.

...and we think we did.

The campaign consisted first of a basic music submission website called "Gimme the Gig", which we developed. Over 900 bands submitted their music in about 90 days. Last month (August, 2010), the site generated over 40,000 visits. Based on the 90-day trend, we expect that number to grow this month.

Next, we developed a Facebook page, which supports the entire Western United States. This is proving invaluable to get the word out, talk directly with local bands, support all the dealers that make up the groups and even get really good feedback from the fans of bands.

Integrating with local events throughout the US, we brought (and are bringing) the campaing to life with local bands, input from local folks and pictures and video from music fans throughout the Western United States.

But there's no question that one of my favorite pieces is the complementary video. You see, along with Don Was, we got some help from extreme athletes and some amazing Dancers. Help from Kaba Modern (America's Best Dance Crew), pro surfer Erica Hosseini and pro skateboarder Sergie Ventura, lifted the campaign to a whole new level.

Here's the video we just wrapped a couple weeks ago. And if you're viewing this in early September of 2010, you can consider it an advance screening. The goal was to highlight some of the coolest features of Fiesta, working with folks that didn't talk about the car...but showed it off. We gave them free reign on what they wanted to do. And I think they absolutely delivered. It was fresh, fun...and the first weekend live it's generated over 500 views--which means we're probably off to a good start. Here it is. Enjoy your ride. It's what the cool kids are driving this summer. :)

Behind the Scenes Footage & On the Set w/ Flash Point

Please Welcome Stephanie Theodoropoulos

Stephanie Theodoropoulos is joining Flash Point Communications with 9 years of advertising experience, with over 5 focused on Clients in the automotive industry!

Her career kicked off with Y Partnership (formerly Yesawich Pepperdine Brown and Russell) working with Clients in the hospitality and tourism industry like the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino properties in Tampa and Hollywood, Florida.

Unbeknownst to Stephanie, her next career move would find her working with some of the best and brightest in the industry at Young & Rubicam on the Lincoln Mercury Dealer business in both Orlando, Florida and New York, New York.

Y&R afforded her the opportunity to not only specialize in automotive, but find her niche in the automotive digital space. She has primarily worked on digital marketing programs for the Ford Lincoln Mercury Regional business; however, also spent time working on National business for other OEMs including Land Rover, Jaguar, and BMW.

“I am thrilled for the opportunity to be part of the Flashpoint Team! Having worked with them closely over the years, I have always admired their passion and ingenuity.

Plus, on top of being creative thinkers, they operate in a true Team fashion, working towards the same goal of providing Clients with innovative ideas with an unmatched level of service. They are like a family - a family I am proud to be part of,” said Theodoropoulos.

“Now all they have to do is spell my name right and we’re good to go.”