Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How to Conquest Fans of Your Local College on Facebook

College and University Facebook fan pages are a hub of activity for thousands of students and alumni alike. Chances are, most of the fans of your local college are in your market and making them aware of your business can be beneficial. For example, the University of Arizona Facebook page currently has 67,000+ fans. By posting on their wall, you can get these same fans to start looking at your Fan Page.

If you have a Fan Page, how do you post on another Fan Page? The technique is called @mentions. By posting a status update on your own wall with an @mention (i.e. @The University of Arizona), the message shows up in 2 places—your own wall, and the wall of the Fan Page that you @mentioned.

Here's how to @mention:
  • If you haven't already, "Like" the page you are trying to post on. (In this case, The University of Arizona fan page:
  • On the status bar of your fan page, begin to type "@The University of Arizona". The "@" symbol will trigger a drop down menu - choose "The University of Arizona":
  • "The University of Arizona" will be highlighted in blue, which you can work into the messaging if you'd like:
  • Last, hit the Share button. The message will post on your wall and theirs. Voila!
  • Click here to see an example.