Tuesday, February 8, 2011

8 Tips to Promote Your Twitter Account and Increase Your Followers Count

So, your company’s Twitter Account is launched. Now what? It's time to spread the word about your Twitter feeds. Your product can sell itself if you tell the story. Here are some promotional strategies to accelerate your growth and build your user base:

  1. Promote and support your Twitter account by having a “Follow Me” link on your Web site and Facebook.
    • You can have this link on your website by going to http://twitter.com/goodies/buttons
    • Choose your favorite icon
    • Copy and paste the given code into your website’s source code.

  1. Add the link of your Twitter Page to your signature in forums and emails.
  2. Follow people on Twitter, and they’ll often follow you.
    • Follow people who are following a lot of people.
    • Don’t be afraid to follow as many people as you can.
    • Follow those who are loyal to your brand, interested in your company, or are involved in the same industry as you.
    • Follow people whose followers you would want for yourself.
    • See whose following your friends and follow them.
    • On average, for every 10 people you follow, one person will follow you.
  3. Use Twitter’s search features to find profiles that interest you. You can search keywords and interact with people who mention keywords that interest you.

  1. Update Frequently. No one wants to follow a page that is not updated and fresh. Just keep tweeting!
  2. Actively Design your Page. Designing your page is important to stay different and innovative from the different pages. Pick nice colors and a background image that represents you and your company.
  3. Run “Follow Me and Win a Prize” competitions through your Twitter. Make it a fun and active site for followers.
  4. Most importantly, give value to your followers. What benefit are your followers getting? The more effort you put in and the more helpful and useful you are, the better your company’s online appeal. Give people a reason to follow you and the numbers will grow.