Friday, May 27, 2011

Flash Point Comm & Belly 9 Partner to Give Moms-to-Be the Gift of a Stylish, Stress-Free Pregnancy

Flash Point Communications is proud to announce its new partnership with Belly 9 Maternity. In a search for the cutest belly of the nation, Flash Point and Belly 9 have partnered with 7 baby related companies and created a 60-day campaign with gifts galore for weekly trivia winners and cutest bellies.

Whether you’re entering motherhood for the first time, or adding another addition to your family, you’ll want to remember & celebrate this time while you can. Belly 9 is giving you the chance to celebrate your pregnancy in style! Send in your belly pic to and you could qualify for exclusive mom-to-be swag from our partners!

Capture the moment with professional, magazine-quality prints from Tiffany’s Portraits Studio with your curly new head of hair looking sweet in a Bellissimo Bow. Take the stress out of planning the perfect birthday with a fully-funded birthday package for your little one from Make It Mine!, and don’t forget to give yourself a guilt-free reward of low-calorie, gluten-free chocolates from Xan Confections!

Do you Have the Cutest Belly in America?

Flash Point has launched a 60-day campaign search for the cutest belly in the US. Show off your own baby bump, or submit a picture of someone you love who is glowing with confidence in their pregnancy! Pick up a camera and snap a picture of your growing belly, and send the cutest one to anytime during the contest (April 15 – June 17). Our team will upload the pictures to our Facebook page,, where you can find them in the album titled “Cutest Belly in SoCal.” The rest is up to the fans – the belly with the most “likes” at the end of the 60 days will win the grand prize package!

And the prizes don’t stop there; the photo with the second highest number of “likes” will win the 1st prize package while the photo with the third highest number of “likes” will win the 2nd prize package. After sending us your pick for Southern California’s cutest belly, don’t forget to “like” our Facebook page, and make sure to tell all your friends to “like” our page as well. Once they do that, they can vote on your picture and boost your chances of winning!

Get Your Hands on some juicy Mom-to-Be Swag!

Grand prize (valued at approx. $2,300):

- Tiffany Portraits Studio Maternity Session

- Make it Mine! party package

- Bellissimo Bows Gift Certificate

- Saige Nicole’s Baby Boutique Gift Certificate

- Coco Preggers Chocolates from Xan Confections

1st prize (valued at approx. $300):

- Tiffany Portraits Studio Maternity Session

- Make it Mine! party package

- Rajashree Pregnancy Yoga DVD

- Coco Preggers Chocolates from Xan Confections

2nd prize (valued at approx. $150):

- Diaper Cake

- Make it Mine! "Party Pack to Go”

- Coco Preggers Chocolates from Xan Confections


Please remain aware that Tiffany Portraits Studios is located in Southern California so the package will only be redeemable at the SoCal location – so either keep the package for yourself for a time when you will be in Southern California, or you may gift the package to somebody you know who lives or travels frequently to California.

The Belly 9 Story

Started in 2003, Belly 9 specializes in comfy and flattering maternity wear. Belly 9’s shirts feature clever and whimsical one-liners that reflect the mom-to-be’s myriad moods. Made from the finest cotton, Belly 9’s shirts are made to both stretch and shrink, doubling for post-pregnancy wear! With Belly 9, it’s easy to maintain a sense of style AND a sense of humor!! To see more of the clever designs and styles, visit the Belly 9 homepage,

So what are you waiting for!?

Dig out that digital camera and start taking pictures! You can decorate your belly any way you like, and you can pose alone or with somebody else. This contest is open to all legal U.S. residents and remember- the contest runs from April 15 – June 17th.

Show us that cute belly bump! J