Friday, July 29, 2011

Top Tips and Tricks To Create a Successful Email

How Can I Create Better Email?

You want to get your message to your customers, but how can you maximize your chances? Read on for some simple guidelines that can vastly improve your email deliverability.

1. Personalize your subject line occasionally.
-This can produce open rates up to 13% higher. However, use this tactic sparingly – spammers use it, too.

2. Ask a question in your subject line, if doing so makes sense.
-But avoid multiple question marks - "???"

3. Do not use excessive punctuation in your subject line and body copy, such as "!!!" or "?!?"
-These are known spam filter triggers.

4. Use a deadline in your subject line, such as "Only 5 days left."
-But do not include actual dollar amounts for your offer.

5. Do not use "You" in your subject line.
-Legitimate email between individuals rarely uses it, but spam does frequently.

6. Keep your subject line short (10 words or less).
-Subject line preview space is limited. If you must go longer, put the most important part of your message into the first half of the subject line.

7. Do not use "spammy" trigger words or phrases, such as:

Free! 50% off!
Click Here
Call now!
Double your income
Information you requested
"Stop" or "Stops"
Lose Weight
Earn $
You're a Winner!
Multi level Marketing
Million Dollars
Reverses Aging
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Serious Cash
Search Engine Listings
Cash Bonus
Promise You
Eliminate Debt
Act Now!
All New

-These are known spam filter triggers.

8. Do not use excessive amounts of capitalization in subject line or body.
-These are known spam and phishing filter triggers.

9. Do not use all, or excessive amounts of imagery (if possible).
-These are known spam and phishing filter triggers.

10. Make sure your "from" name does not contain numbers, or "your friend".
-These are known spam filter triggers.

11. Use HTML text for copy, whenever possible.
-Many email programs block images by default, making content unviewable by recipients.

12. Use "Alt Text" with images. Alt text describes the content of your image, and is visible when images are not.
-Be aware however that formatting options are extremely limited.

13. Send a parallel "text" version of your email.
-A significant number of recipients, especially those on mobile devices, cannot see images in email.

14.Place your offer and /or call to action "above the fold".
-The average email preview pane is 300-400 pixels high.

15. Provide a link to a web version of the email.
-Recipients using mobile devices may not be able to view email images.

16. Request to be added to address book or "safe sender" list (whitelist).
-Whitelisted email addresses bypass most recipient spam filters.

17. Provide links to unsubscribe or opt-out of future emailings.
-And make sure your unsubscribes are acted upon promptly.

18. Write about benefits, not features.
-Consumers buy solutions.

19. Consider linking to video content, and use an image of the actual video.
-Video imagery can increase click-throughs as much as 23%