Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Flash Point propels ‘F-150 EcoBoost Challenge’ Facebook Campaign to Nationwide Acclaim

Highlighting fuel-efficiency in a truck. Pitting Do-Gooders against each other. Giving away free gas to an entire city. The headlines on sites like Mashable, AOL, and USA Today were not your typical auto-related news and the public curiosity was rampant. With the help of Flash Point, Ford’s ambitious 2-week “EcoBoost Challenge” campaign that garnered this curiosity found a home on Facebook and Twitter, where it not just lived, but thrived amongst a community of over 6 million unique followers and fans exposed to the message of celebrating fuel economy, community service, and good will.

The Ford F-150 EcoBoost Challenge started and ended in less than 2 weeks: contestants received their F-150 trucks equipped with EcoBoost engines, and were measured for a week by online votes and driving as efficiently as possible while still doing good will for their community. The reward would fittingly benefit both themselves and their greater community – the winning contestant earned free gas for their entire home city.

The ambitious campaign moved along with score updates from the contestants and daily events at a pace too rapid to represent on a website that doesn’t have an active daily audience who would keep up with the updates. Social Media proved to be the perfect medium to tell the EcoBoost Challenge story, and the Flash Point Social Media solution was the perfect tool to get the message out quickly.

Ford relied on Flash Point to build out a Facebook tab as the ‘hub’ of contest information, and in turn Flash Point was able to syndicate the national content to regional Ford pages, at no additional cost to the participating regional Dealer groups. Though the EcoBoost Challenge lasted only two weeks, the extensive blog, press, and social media coverage to more than 58 million online monthly users allowed the participating Dealer groups to take advantage of increased interaction and fan growth.

For example, fans of the Mountain States Ford Facebook page were able to support Colorado-native contestant Josh Mishell and engage with the campaign by voting for him right on the Facebook tab. At the same time, fans of the Midwest Ford Dealers Facebook Page were able to support Kansas City native Chris Tracy and get instant updates on the standings in the race for free gas. As more campaigns like this take place on a national level, Dealer groups who opt to receive syndicated national content through the Flash Point solution will continue to be able to engage their fan base on a local level with the power of national content & the speed and flexibility of a local marketer.

Stay tuned for part 3 of the series that takes a look at how Flash Point is helping Ford regional groups leverage a large National sweepstakes with prize partners like NASCAR, Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, and Home Depot.


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