Friday, September 14, 2012

Gimme The Gig II Promotion Turns the Power of Social Media into Incremental Sales for Ford

 2012 Ford Focus

If you’re one of the last, remaining holdouts who have trouble believing that social media can deliver qualified leads and incremental sales, check out our Gimme the Gig II Promotion for the Ford Focus.

The final numbers tell the story:  1 coordinated promotion.  29,811 leads generated.  94.3% of leads converted into hand-raisers.  19,485 test-drives.  8,622 new Facebook fans.  And 103 incremental vehicles sold.

Here’s how The Gig came to be.

You can’t just camp out on a social media site and expect the world to come running to your in-box.  You have to give people a really great reason to stop by, and an equally great reason to stay.

In this case, Ford client Tom Grill’s concept was brilliant: commission "Mad" Mike Martin of TV’s Pimp My Ride to create a Ford Focus Mobile Recording Studio.  That way, the cool new digital technology and functional design in the all-new, 2012 Ford Focus could be demonstrated and new, young prospects could connect with the Ford brand

 "Mad" Mike with the Ford Focus Mobile Recording Studio

Then, we took the Ford Focus Mobile Recording Studio on tour all over the Western U.S., from San Diego, California, to mile-high Denver, Colorado.  Social and digital media followed the campaign, generating thousands of test drives and high-quality leads.

Hottest Mobile Recording Studio in Town

But the best was yet to come.

In the end, three lucky bands were selected to have their music produced by Grammy-Award-winners Don Was and Krish Sharma right in the Ford Focus Mobile Recording Studio.   

 Tom Grill, Don Was, Krish Sharma at a performance

You have to agree…that’s pretty cool.  And the actual recording sessions were taped by KTLA in Los Angeles and featured in three one-hour specials.  Check out the videos from the finals below! 

Gimme the Gig Finals - Episode 1

Gimme The Gig Finals - Episode 2

Gimme The Gig Finals - Episode 3 

Details, details.

You can’t take success for granted just because you start with a great idea.  You have to carefully execute every step of the way.  By concepting Gimme the Gig II, Ford gave Flash Point Communications the opportunity to use our tested digital platforms and technology to get maximum bang for the buck.  The results?

  • 21.7 million impressions
  • 2,500 band applications
  • 204,747 unique website visits
  • 29,811 leads generated
  • 28,113 hand raisers captured
  • 94.3% leads were converted into hand-raisers
  • 19,485 test drives
  • 8,622 new Facebook fans
  • 103 vehicles sold

So let’s “bottom line” this.

  • A compelling, carefully executed social media campaign can generate lots of high-quality leads. 
  • Solid leads convert into incremental sales. 
  • As younger buyers spend more time on-line (and we’re talking several times a day) and less time (if any) reading a newspaper, the future of lead-generation is in digital and social media.

We’d like to give a special shout-out to Tom Grill, Don Was, Krish Sharma, Daryl Kinson, and “Mad” Mike Martin for all their great work and partnership  And to everyone who came together to make Gimme The Gig II such a great success, thanks again!

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