Monday, October 15, 2012

How to Double Your Facebook Fans with Flash Point-Week 4

Turn Your Goals Into Actions
So you’ve developed a Facebook Policy, set a goal for your page and a timeline for completing it, and communicated this to your employees.

Now here is where the fun starts. The following is a recipe for a quick and low-maintenance way to exponentially grow engagement and fans on your page.

The Refer-a-Friend Promotion

What is it?
·       A twist on the “bird-dog” promotion
Why is it useful?
·       An easy way to target your employees’ friends & family
How do you get results?
·       Offer a small incentive for referrals

Week 4 Action Items
- Announce “Refer-a-friend” promotion via intra-office email
   ·       Need a email template to send out your employees?  We’ve got one for you here!
- Rules:
   ·       Three (3) winners will receive Movie Tix! (or an alternate prize of your choice)
   ·       Most new fans, referred from “you” wins.
   ·       Encourage friends of employees to “like” Dealership page and comment on wall (“I’m a fan of City Ford! First/Last Name sent me!”)
   ·       Hint: Consider extending 2-3 weeks if momentum still building

   Congratulations, you’re halfway done with the Ford Social Media eCourse!