Monday, October 15, 2012

How to Double Your Facebook Fans with Flash Point-Week 1

Why Facebook?
Searching for a way to actively engage with your consumers as well as a place to get your dealerships name out there?  Facebook is just that place.  Unlike a traditional website that generally just displays information about your business, your Facebook page is an interactive, engaging community hub. 

At the core of this community are the people who care most about your business – your employees. 

Taking the First Step
The first step to building this community is involving your fellow employees on your Facebook page.  Each Facebook user typically has an average of 229 friends- by freeing up just 20 advocates to interact on Facebook, you could be reaching over 4,000 potential customers through their connections. 

Free Facebook
With an open system does come risks – you can mitigate that risk by developing a Facebook Policy. Wondering what a Facebook Policy looks like? For your convenience, we have a template that you can view here that you can customize as needed!

Week 1 Action Items
Adapt our Facebook Policy Template to Your Store
- Communicate your policy to your employees
- Unleash the power of Facebook!

Find your 20 advocates and get the ball rolling!  Next week, we'll go over the steps to get your advocates in motion!


Nadia Brightman said...

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jassy ridar said...
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