Monday, October 15, 2012

How to Double Your Facebook Fans with Flash Point-Week 3

A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words
What kind of content will really draw attention and engagement from your employee’s friends and family?

In this case – pictures really are worth a thousand words. Take group photos around the Dealership – photos showing people interacting with other employees are more compelling than solo shots of people at their desk.

Find Your Stars  
Once you start uploading group photos, the “stars” of your Dealership will reveal themselves – observe who is getting the most comments and Likes and make sure to include them in as much content as possible and watch your interactions grow!

Week 3 Action Items
- Start taking group pictures
- Upload a minimum of 3 group photos this week
- Tag every person in the photo/have people tag themselves
   ·      Tip: In order to tag employees, create an alias, or a separate profile just for administrating the page.
   ·      Example: Use middle initial, same name
   ·      Friend people from the Dealership in order to tag them

In next week’s lesson, we’ll give you a recipe to stir up your fan base by running a mini-promotion.

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