Tuesday, December 11, 2012

In Partnership with Ford, Flash Point Communications Succeeds in Developing the World's Largest Virtual BBQ with over 21,000 entries!

Flash Point Communications partnered with Ford Motor Company to promote the World’s Largest Virtual BBQ Event, an online sweepstakes where registrants could win a 2-year lease on a brand new 2013 Ford vehicle. With 23 Ford regional ad groups participating, the program was an integrated digital marketing campaign that combined an online sweepstakes, social media, email marketing and lead generation technology. With both Dealer ad group and local Dealer participation, the program brought in over 21,000 entries and built awareness about Ford’s full vehicle lineup.

The Summer Sales Event Enhancement Opportunity
Ford gave Flash Point Communications the opportunity to use their digital platforms and innovative technology to achieve noteworthy results. So what were they? Check em’ out…

  • 2,158 Sales!
  • Over 21,000 handraisers
  • 29,000 video views on Ford vehicles
  • 40,000 brochure requests for more Ford information
  • Almost 70,000 visits to the microsite
  • Over 27,000 people attended the virtual BBQ 

You Said Virtual BBQ?

That’s right. The “World’s LARGEST Virtual BBQ”. Once people “attended” the virtual BBQ, they were asked a series of questions related to what they'd like at a real life BBQ. The final step was their entry to win a 2-year lease on their 2013 Ford of choice.  To make it engaging and interactive, their answers displayed the demographics of people attending the BBQ in real-time - what they were eating, drinking, what kind of music they were listening to, what Ford they drove to the virtual BBQ and even how many porta potties were needed!

What did Ford ad groups and Dealers get by participating?
First off, the program leveraged a Nationally funded 2-year lease giveaway at a Tier II and Tier III level. Ford ad groups received the vehicle giveaway, custom creative and integration into all digital elements including banners, tiles, email, the Facebook application, and Facebook messaging and advertising. Tier III (Dealers) also received the vehicle giveaway opportunity, creative for their website, Facebook application, and Facebook messaging and advertising with a turn-key easy solution!

Alright, Tell Me Who the Winner is Already!
Out of 21,000 entries only ONE person can be the winner of a 2-year lease on a brand spanking new Ford vehicle! So who was it? Lucky, Lucky, David Ziebarth from Rochester, New York! Congrats David!! We know you were happy when you found out: 

"Wow! I entered the Ford World's Largest BBQ on Facebook and I'm incredibly surprised at winning!!  This car will come in the nick of time as my Toyota Camry lease is due to be turned any day now. I've test driven every mid-size car and had just picked the new Ford Fusion! Excellent! Thank you Ford and the World's Largest BBQ!!! I'm so psyched!! Nobody can wipe the smile off my face!

I'm still in shock over winning the Ford World's Largest BBQ on Facebook! I barely remembered I had entered the contest.  I had already picked out a Ford Fusion and now I get my own Ford! Thanks to Ford and my dealer I'll be cruising in style, safely and comfort!” - David Ziebarth

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