Friday, March 23, 2012

7 Social media conversation starters REVEALED!

1. Check The Local Weather and Share The Local News!

a. Example: Colorado had some snowfall early Monday morning around 6am. You can ask “Did any of you see the snowfall this morning?” click ‘like’ if you did!

b. Example: It’s a beautiful day in California! Tell your fans that it looks like it’s going to be sunny all the way through until the weekend. Ask them if they have any plans for the sunny weekend and what are they doing! Click like if you love this sunny weather!

c. Example: The Titanic Artifact Exhibition is now open at the San Diego natural History Museum! You can write “Did you know that The Titanic Artifact Exhibition is now open at the San Diego natural History Museum? Check out this link for more information on how you can visit! Have you ever been to this museum before?” (link the article or website)

d. Example: There’s a Foodie Fest going on in Los Angeles, CA. You can write “Who loves food?! Check out this foodie event that’s in the area Thursday the 15th!” (link the article or website)

2. Share an Interesting/fun fact!

a. Example: You can write “Did you know that printer ink is more expensive than blood?! What fun fact do you know? Click like if you didn’t know this one until today!”

b. Example: The CEO of Zappos tweets about random facts. Sometimes interesting facts get followers interested in what you’re saying. It’s not always about business!

3. Post News About Your Brand, Product or Service and Take Your Fans “Behind The Scenes”!

a. Example: You can write “We have some EXCLUSIVE new photos of the all new F-150 and we want to share them with you! Make sure to keep checking back!” (post photos within a few days)

b. Example: The Hands free lift gate feature was just announced. Take this opportunity to inform your fans about it! (post article)

4. Ask Fun Trivia Questions!

a. Example: You can ask fun trivia questions about your product or services. You can write “What special feature comes in the all new 2013 Ford Escape that allows you to open your trunk hands free?”

b. Example: You can ask “Who said this quote ‘____________’?” (Make sure to answer the question by the end of the day)

5. Ask Questions or Start a Poll! (Related to Your Business or Not)

a. Example: You can always ask your fans simple questions to get the conversation started! You can write “There are so many great Ford models over the centuries. We want to know what YOUR all time favorite model is!”

b. Example: The Oscars was on last night. So many great movies. What’s YOUR favorite film old or new?

c. Example: Happy Friday! What plans do you have for the weekend?

d. Example: Ford just released new photos of the 2013 Ford Fiesta. Post the picture and ask “What do ya’ll think of the new F-150?!

6. Post a motivational quote!

a. Example: You can write “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Click ‘like’ if you agree with this quote!

7. Celebrate The Holidays!

a. Example: Ask what people what they are doing for the holidays!

b. Example: It’s Thanksgiving tomorrow! What dish will you be bringing?

So, that's it! Start some great conversations today. And by the way, did we miss some conversation starters that work for you? Let us know!

**Special thanks to our interns Jenny Fletcher and Keita Magome for putting this together! **

Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Ten Commandments of Social Media

Looking for some guidlines with what to post, what not to post? How often to post? Or even what to think about BEFORE you post?

We locked our interns in the conference room for exactly one hour and challenged them with coming up with the Ten Commandments of Social Media. Here's what they came up with. Do you agree? Disagree? Felt they missed something? We'd love to hear what you think.

Tune in next week when our Interns tackle a specific question for Car Dealers. Strategies and tips for starting conversations, gaining fans, generating interactions.

The Ten Commandments of Social Media

I. Honor thy relationship with thy followers
II. One shalt be consistent with thy page
III. Thou shall not speak poorly about thy competitors
IV. Thou shall not speak of religion, politics or sex
V. Thou shalt check for grammatical errors
VI. Keep posts concise and simple (80 characters or less)
VII. Thou shalt utilize visuals
VIII. Remember thy research before posting
IX. Thou shalt not spam
X. Thou shalt practice a call to action