Monday, October 15, 2012

How to Double Your Facebook Fans with Flash Point-Week 4

Turn Your Goals Into Actions
So you’ve developed a Facebook Policy, set a goal for your page and a timeline for completing it, and communicated this to your employees.

Now here is where the fun starts. The following is a recipe for a quick and low-maintenance way to exponentially grow engagement and fans on your page.

The Refer-a-Friend Promotion

What is it?
·       A twist on the “bird-dog” promotion
Why is it useful?
·       An easy way to target your employees’ friends & family
How do you get results?
·       Offer a small incentive for referrals

Week 4 Action Items
- Announce “Refer-a-friend” promotion via intra-office email
   ·       Need a email template to send out your employees?  We’ve got one for you here!
- Rules:
   ·       Three (3) winners will receive Movie Tix! (or an alternate prize of your choice)
   ·       Most new fans, referred from “you” wins.
   ·       Encourage friends of employees to “like” Dealership page and comment on wall (“I’m a fan of City Ford! First/Last Name sent me!”)
   ·       Hint: Consider extending 2-3 weeks if momentum still building

   Congratulations, you’re halfway done with the Ford Social Media eCourse!

How to Double Your Facebook Fans with Flash Point-Week 3

A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words
What kind of content will really draw attention and engagement from your employee’s friends and family?

In this case – pictures really are worth a thousand words. Take group photos around the Dealership – photos showing people interacting with other employees are more compelling than solo shots of people at their desk.

Find Your Stars  
Once you start uploading group photos, the “stars” of your Dealership will reveal themselves – observe who is getting the most comments and Likes and make sure to include them in as much content as possible and watch your interactions grow!

Week 3 Action Items
- Start taking group pictures
- Upload a minimum of 3 group photos this week
- Tag every person in the photo/have people tag themselves
   ·      Tip: In order to tag employees, create an alias, or a separate profile just for administrating the page.
   ·      Example: Use middle initial, same name
   ·      Friend people from the Dealership in order to tag them

In next week’s lesson, we’ll give you a recipe to stir up your fan base by running a mini-promotion.

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How to Double Your Facebook Fans with Flash Point-Week 2

Establish Your Goal
No matter where your Facebook page is at now – 0 fans, 100 fans, 500 fans – in order to expand your fan base, you must have a clear goal in mind.

Decide on a goal that is reasonable for you, and set a time frame for the goal so that you can measure your progress and adjust your strategy along the way.

Spread the Word
Have your target goal? Great job! Now that you have a goal in mind, it's time to share it with the rest of your team.  Getting people motivated and supporting your goal only takes a few simple steps.

Week 2 Action Items
- Decide a goal and a time frame
- Email all employees communicating these key points:
   ·     Utilize our dealer email template
   ·     Clearly state your goal
   ·     Ask them to “Like” the page if they haven’t – tell them you’ll need their help
   ·     Ask them to “Comment” on the wall to confirm they’ve liked it (i.e. Looking forward to a great week ahead!”)
- Keep everyone informed of the progress, and let them know getting there can be fun – throw a pizza party once you reach the goal!

Now you’re really cooking! Stay tuned for next week’s lesson – creating exciting content by finding the “stars” of your Dealership!

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How to Double Your Facebook Fans with Flash Point-Week 1

Why Facebook?
Searching for a way to actively engage with your consumers as well as a place to get your dealerships name out there?  Facebook is just that place.  Unlike a traditional website that generally just displays information about your business, your Facebook page is an interactive, engaging community hub. 

At the core of this community are the people who care most about your business – your employees. 

Taking the First Step
The first step to building this community is involving your fellow employees on your Facebook page.  Each Facebook user typically has an average of 229 friends- by freeing up just 20 advocates to interact on Facebook, you could be reaching over 4,000 potential customers through their connections. 

Free Facebook
With an open system does come risks – you can mitigate that risk by developing a Facebook Policy. Wondering what a Facebook Policy looks like? For your convenience, we have a template that you can view here that you can customize as needed!

Week 1 Action Items
Adapt our Facebook Policy Template to Your Store
- Communicate your policy to your employees
- Unleash the power of Facebook!

Find your 20 advocates and get the ball rolling!  Next week, we'll go over the steps to get your advocates in motion!