Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Social Media Tip #3: Make It Easy for Consumers to Find You - Update Your ‘About’ Section!

Some Facebook users that are familiar with your dealership page may be coming back for the engaging content that you post. But others, who are not already familiar with your page, may be searching for you on both the web and Facebook, to simply look for your store info. These folks are the ones who are looking for your dealership location, store hours, and phone number to get in touch with you about your products, services and inventory.

It’s important to make sure your brand/store loyalists, past customers, and potential future customers are able to reach out to you at their convenience. And because the information included in your ‘About’ section defines how you may be found not only on Facebook but also on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, you want to tailor your ‘About’ info to be as specific as possible to allow local consumers to easily find you.

So on your dealership Facebook page, check to see what you have published in your ‘About’ section. This is located directly underneath your profile picture.

To add or change content, log on as an admin of your page and simply click on the ‘About’ section on your timeline. Then place your arrow over what you’d like to update, and click ‘Edit’.

Add as much store information as possible under each category, and make sure to click ‘Save Changes’ each time!

Do you include anything else in your ‘About’ section that you feel is important? Comment below to share with us!