Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Social Media Tip #4: Post Interactive Photos of Your Team on Your Facebook Page, and Don’t Forget to Tag!

Why should I post pictures of employees on our Facebook page?

As important as it is for your fans to get a feel of what your products and services are all about, it is equally important to emphasize the quality of your dealership’s customer service – or in other words, let your customers meet your customer service team! And what better way to introduce your staff to the social media world than posting interactive photos of them going about their daily lives at the dealership? After all, your team players are what make up the voice and build the reputation of your business.

Okay, so where do I begin?

We recommend you to start showing your staff off by following these three steps:

1. Create a photo album and upload at least one new photo into this album every week – whether it be a portrait of the ‘Employee of the Month’, a candid photo of an employee interacting with a customer, or a group picture of the staff at lunch. 

  • Do this by clicking on your ‘Photos’ as an admin of the page and on the top right corner, click ‘Add Photos’. 

2. Title this album something like “Meet the Team” and come up with a fun caption for each photo.

  • Select from file the picture you’d like to upload, create a caption, and replace the current “Untitled Album” text with the new name of the album, such as “Meet the Team”. Once that’s done, you can select ‘Add More Photos’ or ‘Post Photos’.

3. ‘Share’ your weekly featured photo on your timeline, and tag, tag, tag! Then encourage all your employees who have been tagged in the photos to ‘Share’ them on their page.  
  • To ‘Share’ and ‘Tag’ on your timeline, click on the photo

  • Once you click 'Share', this overlay will pop up. Make sure the drop-down on the top is selected on "On your own timeline" and the drop-down on the bottom is selected to "Public". Write up a fun post, and click 'Share Photo'.

  • To ‘Tag Photo’ with your employees, simply click on each person and start typing his or her Facebook name. When tagging is completed, don’t forget to click ‘Done Tagging’. And of course, encourage everyone to ‘Share’ this photo of them on their pages.

What can I expect from doing this? 

Uploading lively photos of the staff and encouraging them to ‘Share’ photos of themselves will gain your page more exposure from their family and friends, along with friends of those friends. With this continuous increase in people that your page starts to reach, your page will gain new fans that will keep coming back for more. 

Have any other tips on how you can show your employees off via social media?
Feel free to comment below to share with us!