Thursday, August 7, 2014

Flash Point NewsFlash! Fresh-Squeezed Social Media News, Updates, and How-Tos

Take a look at what's buzzing in social media this week. From growth in Facebook's mobile ad revenue to nailing video content into your social media marketing strategy, there's something newsworthy for everyone. If you find any of these updates particularly juicy, leave us a note in the comments below!

Ring-Ring: 62% of Facebook’s
Ad Revenue is Mobile
We Have Content Marketing
Your Social Media Strategy

We know that marketers are the David to Facebook’s advertising Goliath, but with the fear that Facebook’s user growth might peak or advertisers might guard their wallets more fiercely, Facebook is looking outside of its bubble. Take a look at the newly resurrected mobile ad network and a quick comparison between desktop and mobile ad revenue to rest your worries and pique your interests here.

Come to the Dark Side;

How do you expand your reach online and engage audiences without bombarding them with ads? Cultivate shareable content with engagement apps. Check out these 5 ways to invite your followers into your content marketing.

Social Media Gone Paleo

We all know that a social media diet for your company has to be balanced. We’ve probably come across similar advice before, but have we ever been encouraged to “eat?” Chew on this.

How to Nail Video Content into

100 million people watch videos online everyday. How can we catch ‘em all? We can try by studying our audience’s viewing behavior. A quick rule of thumb: the younger the audience, the shorter the footage (think YouTube versus Vine). Read more about it.