Monday, August 29, 2016

2nd GM LMA Breaks Ranks with Traditional Agency. More to Follow?

COSTA MESA, California, August 29, 2016—The Southern California Buick GMC LMA broke ranks first, moving agency-of-record digital marketing responsibilities from a GM roster shop to non-roster Flash Point Communications.

Now, the Southern California Cadillac LMA has followed suit, moving its digital marketing to Flash Point as well.

“The sales increase at the SoCal Buick GMC group really got our attention,” said Greg Heath, Board Member, Southern California Cadillac Dealers.  “They went from the middle of the pack to one and two in the country.  And Flash Point’s digital marketing was a major contributor to Buick GMC’s success.”

“Our approach was simple.  We guaranteed the LMA would get a specific ROI from our digital and social media advertising--and we delivered. How we did it, was a bit more complicated,” said Scott Empringham, CEO of Flash Point Communications.”

“Our approach was the same with Cadillac,” added Empringham. “We guaranteed a result—and I’m confident we’ll deliver.  However, the ‘how’ is going to change.  We’ll need to treat current older Cadillac owners very different than new younger Cadillac shoppers and buyers. We’ll talk to them differently. Reach them differently.  And sell them differently.  And that’s where we can be most effective with our expertise in both digital marketing and social media.”

“We’ve become big champions of Scott and his team,” said Greg Heath, Chairman of the Southern California Buick GMC dealers.  “They came in here and promised leads, track-able sales, and accountability on digital marketing and social media that we hadn’t seen before.  And then they delivered on everything.”

“The last piece of the puzzle is transparency,” concluded Empringham, keynote speaker and expert panelists at this month’s Digital Dealer 21 convention in Las Vegas.  “Every OEM, every dealer group, every individual dealer should expect their social media agency to do a full sales match and calculate ROI.  If that’s not happening, they really need to look at other options.”

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