Thursday, September 8, 2016


COSTA MESA, California, August 16, 2016—Want to connect your dealership with the huge pool of potential Hispanic customers on social media?  You’ll need to target the right prospect at the right time with the perfect message. 

Or follow the lead of many automotive OEMs, dealers and dealer associations and contact Flash Point Communications.

“Over the last fifteen years, we’ve developed a range of custom-built platforms that target and engage Hispanics really well,” said Scott Empringham, CEO of Flash Point.  “And we’ve got the metrics to prove it.

“First, our Pinpoint Targeting technology identifies in-market prospects with really incredible accuracy, even in a niche market like Hispanics,” said Empringham.  “And that’s big.  Remember, 15% of Hispanics are now on Facebook.”

Recently, Flash Point created a campaign targeting Hispanics for Ford called Somos Familia (We Are Family).  “Somos Familia generated double our usual opt-in rate and tripled our usual response rate,” said Empringham.  “And both of those benchmarks are pretty high to begin with.”

“Then our Lead Gen platform delivered hot Hispanic leads to dealers in real time,” continued Empringham.  “At the end of the Ford campaign, the Ford Hispanic market share was nearly double their general market share.”

“We’ve also learned a ton about marketing to Hispanics,” continued Empringham.  “Initially, we expected that Hispanics wanted us to engage in Spanish.  Turns out, most wanted us to speak to them in English.  In the end, we let them choose between English or Spanish.”

Flash Point is now offering non-clients a free, no-obligation Hispanic Market Analysis.  The analysis estimates the number of Hispanics in a given market, determines how many prospects are in-market now, and estimates campaign sales and dealership ROI.

“You never jump into a pool until you know how deep the water is,” said Empringham. “So we like to let dealers know just how deep the water is before they jump in.”

For over fifteen years, Flash Point Communications has been a leading innovator in social media software, marketing, and retail network engagement.   Based in Costa Mesa, California, Flash Point serves many of the globe’s most respected automotive brands from four offices nationwide. For more information, go to