Thursday, February 16, 2017

Advanced Dual-Stage Targeting™ Helps New PurchasePath™ Grow Market Share For Car Makers

COSTA MESA, California, February 16, 2017—If you’re a new car manufacturer, you know it’s not overly complicated to sell another car or truck to your most loyal customer.  You know who and where they are.  You know what they like.  And often, you even know when they’ll be in-market.

But conquesting?  That’s a whole different story.  You need to target conquests with pinpoint precision.  Sell them on the advantages of your brand.  And make the path to purchase absolutely seamless so you don’t lose potential buyers along the way.

That’s the whole idea behind PurchasePathTM, the new, proprietary digital marketing platform from Flash Point Communications.  PurchasePathTM takes conquest shoppers by the collar with custom messaging and seamlessly brings them right to the showroom floor.

“Specific conquest messaging is critical when you’re a car company trying to gain market share,” said Scott Empringham, CEO of Flash Point Communications.  “You need to show shoppers that it’s alright to leave their old brand, and prove that there’s something better out there for them to check out.”

PurchasePath uses new Dual-Stage TargetingTM to identify specific owners of competing brands.  First it identifies these targets with behavioral, in-market screens and other segmenting tools.  Then, it sends them custom videos and other messaging and tracks how receptive they are to the conquesting message.

“Nobody ever gets married after one date,” continued Empringham.  “Same goes for conquesting.  It’s an on-going process.  But if you segment, focus, and retarget effectively, you can get great results and grow share.”

After identifying potential new customers, PurchasePath begins a gentle yet extensive and customized re-targeting campaign intended to stoke the conquest’s interest in the new brand and product.  It even integrates the conquest’s preferred colors and trim levels into the re-targeting.

Finally, PurchasePath is able to fully integrate with a brand’s dealer inventory feed and/or dealer management system, directing the conquest seamlessly to their nearest dealer and showing them the exact car or truck the customer wants at a compelling price.

“You know how Amazon aggressively targets and follows someone who is looking at a product?  How they don’t give up until the sale is made?” said Empringham.  “Well this is the Amazon approach applied to the automotive business.”

Once PurchasePath is in place, a private “Dashboard” is created for the client and updated daily.  “It’s a web-based information center that tracks and reports every click on the web site,” said Empringham.  “Then it tracks in-store visits and purchases right back to the client’s site.”

Currently, Flash Point is rolling out new PurchasePath to all new and existing clients.  Empringham believes that all clients will be using the new process within 12 months.

Flash Point Communications was the first digital agency to help sell over $1 billion in new vehicles in the U.S. using only social and digital media.  

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