Thursday, August 17, 2017

Major OEM Facebook Campaign Delivers

152%  Increase In Monthly Sales Nationally
45%    More Concierge Test Drives
15%    More Lead Conversions
14%    More Handraisers

Really smart people doubted it was possible:
·       Launch an entirely new promotion in only 3 weeks
·      To promote a luxury car with really low awareness
·      From a brand known for much lower price-points
·      That convinces people to not only volunteer their information, but…
·      To agree to a 90-minute test-drive at their home or business
·      And generate literally hundreds of test-drives           

Done, done and done.
The campaign was launched on May 12, 2017, to promote the luxurious new 2017 model-year car in ten key U.S. markets.  Initially scheduled to run for six weeks, it was extended to seven weeks in order to accommodate over-performing markets.

What does over-performing really mean?
“This social media initiative generated hundreds and hundreds of real and engaging 90-minute test drives,” said Scott Empringham, CEO of Flash Point Communications.  “We’re talking high-quality hand-raisers, hot leads and in-market shoppers telling us to bring the car to their house or office for a test drive…with no financial program incentives.”

STEP 1: Pinpoint Media Targeting.
“Generating really hot leads is part science and part art form,” said Empringham.  “We’ve been refining our proprietary targeting for years now, combining Facebook data, R.L. Polk data, and our own proprietary screens. We don’t know of any agency that can match it.”

STEP 2: Custom Creative.
Creative was tailored individually for each of the 10 test markets.   This paid off especially big in the Atlanta and Los Angeles markets.

STEP 3: Daily Optimization.
Flash Point created individual “dashboards” for each test market to give both client and agency a daily update on all metrics. Media and promotional adjustments could then be made in real-time. 

For instance, when metrics showed that respondents wondered how the actual test-drive would work, Flash Point created a demo video in only 48 hours that explained the entire process as an added value to the Client, and test-drives increased as a result.

Bottom Line?
The program exceeded test-drive objectives by 45%.  Hand-raisers were up 14% and lead conversions were up 15% compared with this OEM’s previous promotions through other channels. And sales of this 2017 model soared…up 112% in May and 193% in June, year over year.

Who is Flash Point again?

For over sixteen years, Flash Point Communications has been a leading innovator in social media software, marketing, and retail network engagement.   Based in Costa Mesa, California, Flash Point serves many of the globe’s most respected automotive brands from four offices nationwide. For more information, go to