Friday, January 5, 2018

How to Schedule a Facebook Post

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Facebook has the benefit of allowing businesses to schedule posts at a chosen date or time through Business Manager as well as finding the best times to schedule these posts. Scheduling in advance is beneficial for getting posts out at a certain time that you have decided on, or when your fans (those who like your page) are most online. It is also beneficial to help businesses plan in advance and make sure they aren’t missing a post.

How to schedule a Facebook post:

  1. Scheduling posts is done through business manager, so make sure that you or your company has an account to do so.
  2. Once in business manager, you will click on the page you want to schedule posts for.
  3. You can either decide to post at a time that you choose or you can post at a time when your fans (those who like your page) are active online. To find out when they are active online, you will go to the top toolbar and click on “Insights”.

  1. Once in the Insights tab, you will go to the left toolbar and click on “Posts.”

This allows you to see which time of the day your fans are most online each day to  schedule accordingly.

  1. Once you know what time you want to schedule your post, click on “Publishing Tools” in the upper toolbar. 

  1.  In Publishing Tools, you will click on “Scheduled Posts” in the left toolbar. This is where you will create your post.

  1.  Click on “Create” button on the top right corner. You can then write your post, add photos, videos, etc.

  2.   Once you have created your post, click on “Schedule.” You can choose the time and date for when you want your post to publish. Then click “Schedule.” 

  1. Your post should appear after you schedule it in the list of posts. By clicking on it, you can edit, boost it, remove or edit the schedule as well as delete it.


Once you get the hang of it, scheduling posts becomes second nature. It really helps you plan in advance and make sure you never miss a post. Happy scheduling!