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The best campaigns and strategies in social networks will be presented next, during the year 2017 for the automotive sector. Some of the criteria for selecting the campaigns were the public impressions, engagement, media and networks, the message and how useful it sought to convey the interaction they had with the consumer. Aspects such as originality, creativity, media, technology integration were also taken into account when making this selection.

1st Place: Tesla Motors - “The CEO Engagement” Campaign

Despite not being the leading brand in development of electric cars in the world, it positions in third place of global mentions in relation to other automobile brands on social networks, just below Audi and BMW according to Talkwalker. The answer is simple according to experts: everything is largely due to the interaction of CEO, Elon Musk, in the social networks to promote the Tesla brand.
Source: Elon Musk (Twitter)
It is unusual for the CEO of a company, and one as big as Tesla Motors is, be so submerged and present in social networks. But Musk is used to break the traditional ways of how to do things and Tesla accompany him in revolutionizing the way we do marketing in the manage of social networks by putting him on the front as the centre of all its corporate image.
One of the most striking things that Tesla accounts have in different networks is that they are always retweeting content generated by their CEO. By themselves, Tesla accounts generate or have very few publications but their number of followers has nothing to envy of the big brands like Mercedes-Benz, BMW or Audi.

But something that also goes beyond the integration of the CEO in the marketing strategy (a probably intentional strategy) is the real rapport that he has with his company, something that engages and motivates users to interact with him. Musk, when speaking, is very open and share personal things like the business ideas he have or the failures that some project had (like the rocket takeoff explosion of Space X).
This sense of honesty, sympathy and closeness makes people identify with his vision and that of Tesla Motors. Lately, more and more users are interested in what kind of person is behind the big brand and also have the opportunity to develop the ideas they have for the company or a Tesla product; This is a task Musk takes seriously and always try to respond to his users.
It is worth noting that Elon Musk is the second most followed CEO worldwide in social networks, only surpassed by Bill Gates, which makes him an invaluable piece of marketing for Tesla, since only in his Twitter account he has 17.8 million followers.

Strategy Achievements and Results

Tesla numbers speak for themselves, not only with regard to their networks but also its publications. For example on Instagram, @teslamotors  has 3.4 million followers for only 504 publications. Each of these publications has an average of 200k likes and, from those with videos, their visualizations have an average range between 700k to 1 million. Also, the amount of comments is averaging in 700 to 2.2K per publication.
If we go to the Twitter account of Tesla Motors we find very similar or identical numbers. Their account currently has 2.27 million followers and his CEO interacts with it constantly giving RT to their publications and vice versa. On their Facebook page, the numbers also remain identical to those of previous publications, with views ranging from 500k to 800k for each video. Most notable, in this case, is that the Tesla Motors Facebook page in 2017 had fewer than 15 publications but remained with 2.2 million followers.

Source: Tesla Motors (Instagram)

Source: Tesla Motors (Twitter)


2nd Place: Mercedes-Benz USA - “Born to be Wild”+  “The Obsessed” #AMG Series Social Media Campaign

Source: Mercedes-Benz USA (Facebook)
The bet of Mercedes-Benz USA for the year 2017 in Social Media was enormous since its beginnings because their marketing plan turned out to be the most ambitious of all brands. The division set out to make the largest social media campaign seen in 2017 to promote the AMG Series, their high-performance range cars to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the brand, showing the latest innovations that they made.
A sample of what would be their marketing plan for the AMG Series was shown on January 27, 2017, with the release of the video "Born to be wild meets build to be wild" which was also the commercial chosen to represent them in the Super Bowl 2017, designed by the hands of Oscar winners The Coen Brothers. Under the song "Born to be Wild" by Steppenwolf, the atmosphere is centered on a typical bar on Route 66 with old motorcyclists recalling the good times until one of them announces that their motorcycles have been blocked. When they go outside the bar, they meet the return of an old friend, legendary actor Peter Fonda of Easy Drivers movie, now driving a Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster.
Source: thebsblog.com
This can be represented as a brilliant marketing strategy by Mercedes-Benz, for taking an aspect as important as American history and culture to sell a non-American product. And in fact, it obtained the expected effect, being catalogued by many like the best commercial of the Super Bowl 2017.
Meanwhile, "Join the obsessed" was designed through the joint work of Merkley + Partners digital agency with and creative shop R / GA. It was also worked in conjunction with Facebook Creative Shop to generate a mobile video that could have the greatest possible exposure. The proposed strategy aims that users maximize the added value that the brand’s cars have within social networks by integrating them into their campaign, so that they themselves become co-protagonists, having an experience with the brand beyond the simple fact of having or see a Mercedes-Benz.
The campaign was available since May 26, 2017, in all the company's social networking platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google +), being Facebook and Instagram where better and higher results were obtained. It seeks to attract the public passionated with driving to spread in them the excitement and adrenaline of driving a Mercedes-Benz.
But not everything remained in a few posts. These are part of a campaign made up of smaller ones, such as the support lent to the Warner Bros’ campaign for the premiere of Justice League, where we see in several scenes the different models of Mercedes-Benz that appear throughout the film, highlighting the civil "Batmobile" of Bruce Wayne, which turns out to be nothing less than a Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo, as news chains like Fox News reported.
Source: Mercedes-Benz

Strategy Achievements and Results

The preview of the Mercedes-Benz campaign in the USA with the video "Born to be wild meets build to be wild" was the augury of a series of successes for the brand. The video on Facebook, published on January 27, reached its peak on January 30 when it obtained around 8.5 million views, more than 50k likes, 27k shares and more than 2000 comments. The HT chosen for the occasion was #EasyDrivers.
On Instagram, the official account of Mercedes-Benz AMG Series (@mercedesamg) and the official account of Mercedes-Benz USA (@mbusa) published content related to the spot like a series of photographs of Peter Fonda beside the car that he drove, and a video that shows the behind the scenes of that commercial.
Finally, the campaign that started at full on May 26, 2017, positioned Mercedes-Benz as the automobile brand with most activity in social networks worldwide for the rest of the year. Under the phrase "Do you think you are obsessed with driving? So you're one of us", the "Join the obsessed" video had about 846K views, 10k interactions, 1949 shares and 641 comments on Facebook.
On Instagram, the publication  "Join the Obsessed" obtained 29,939 views with 8,510 likes where it now has 1.7MM followers. On Twitter, the official account of Mercedes-Benz USA (@mbusa) published the video "Join the Obsessed" with a total of 5,507 views, 162 RTs and 342 likes. It is worth noting that the #AMG Series of Mercedes-Benz has its own Twitter account (@MercedesAMG) with more than 850k followers.
The campaign has been integrated with other smaller campaigns of the #AMG Series and through the HT #MBUSA, it seeks to promote the photographs of its users that have a Mercedes-Benz vehicle and repost said photographs.
You can find more information on the #AMG Series by clicking on  their official website.

3rd Place: BMW - “The BMW Genius” Campaign (Social Media Assistance)

One of the campaigns chosen to head the list of 2017 is BMW and its commitment is neither in the design or the striking of its ads. It is targeted to a much more important and vital point for all brand: the customer. Getting a new car, know all its features, and know what it is best for you and your needs can be a complicated process. Sometimes we want the shopping experience to be more enjoyable but sometimes ends up being somewhat tedious and BMW decided that this should be the focal point of their campaign.

Source: BMW USA
The BMW Genius are brand ambassadors. Experts exclusively on BMW. They will receive you once you enter the dealership to reinforce your buying position based on what you need by generating a positive impact on you in relation to BMW. This creates empathy with the consumer through a direct deal. It will not pressure or negotiate with you or fight prices, it is there to receive you. They are geniuses of the brand, they will answer everything you want to know because they know everything about it.
However, this was unknown to many people and BMW finally decided to end this problem with its BMW Genius campaign. A campaign where users and potential BMW customers can interact with these experts through Facebook posts, live videos on YouTube or Instagram, etc. These geniuses share crucial information for the purchasing processes.

Strategy Achievements and Results

The BMW Genius campaign has been considered a success in many countries. Each subdivision leads the campaign through live videos via Facebook and Youtube, with support content on platforms like Instagram and Twitter. During the first days of the campaign, they reached more than 2.5 million people, of whom 1.2 million watched live videos, and more than 90,000 engagements.
For example, BMW UK presented it through a series of 5 informative videos about Series 5 on its Youtube channel and Facebook where journalist Nicki Shields and BWM Genius talk about some aspects such as innovation and dynamism. The subsidiary BMW USA for its part prepared more than  1000 How To Do videos made by the hand of its BMW Genius for each of its series from the year 2010 onwards.

Source: BMW Canada
BMW Canada reinforces the above by posting on its Facebook page models of the brand, explaining its conceptualization and its appeal. Usually, it includes a question to the consumer about which element of the car captured his attention. Finally, it invites you to enter a chat where you can talk to a real-time BMW Genius.
And if all that were not enough, they have an official App where you can learn more about the key features and other characteristics that you might not know about your car, like that you can directly integrate your smartphone or tablet with your BMW.
If you want to know more about the campaign, you can enter to its official website for BMW Genius in the USA.

4th Place: Kia  - “Smarter Way” + NiroBot Messenger Social Media Campaign

The laughs are always an infallible element in generating engagement with consumers and Kia had this in mind when filing their 2017 commercial for the Super Bowl, by the hand of David&Goliath agency. And what better than laugh to ease tensions before such an important game!
The objective of the campaign was to promote the new Kia hybrid car, the Kia Niro, which would soon be available in the US market.
Source: Kia Motors America (Facebook)
Comedy actress Melissa McCarthy becomes a part-time environmental activist in the commercial chosen for the Big Game. Our heroine goes to the call that her NiroBot makes to save the planet, going to the rescue of whales and trees. She also bravely goes to save the poles and face enraged rhinos even though she always has a problem in doing so. The commercial will make you smile and make you laugh several times.
It is a project that presents and plays in a simple but entertaining way with real problems that our environment suffers. "While it is not easy to be an eco-hero, you can drive like one," concludes the commercial.
But not everything stayed there. Melissa continues her adventures as an environmental activist in another series of videos where we can also see how she uses some utilities and equipment of the Kia Niro to get out of situations like in "Escape" where we see her emerge gracefully from a furious rhino in Africa without hurting him thanks to the rear camera of her vehicle.
Another of the highlights of Kia's campaign was the integration of NiroBot, a bot of Facebook Messenger offering customer service in a personalized way. But not only that offers the NiroBot, it also gives you information about the Kia Niro, answers all the questions (however complex and specific they may be) that you may have in relation to the product so that you know it better and enhance your purchase intentions with it. The Kia bot also possess a consistent personality, concrete answers and even jokes thanks to the work of AI behind it.
In fact, during the Big Game, NiroBot was conducting a contest in real time with users of Facebook called "Melissa's Precious Gear," which was raffling about 40 objects that were in the #SmarterWay commercial.

Source: Kia Motors America (Facebook)

Strategy Achievements and Results

The video obtained positive comments on social networks. On Facebook,  "A Hero's Journey"  quickly became the post with the highest number of engagements generated by Kia during the year 2017, with more than a half million views, 7.7k shares, more than 300 comments and 3.1k likes.
Many users commented that it was a fun commercial, informative and without political overtones of any kind. It is ranked as the most entertaining 2017 campaign.
On Youtube, we can find that the main video has had more than 26 million reproductions, making it the most watched automobile commercial of the Super Bowl 2017; There, we can also find the sequels to the adventures of Melissa in other videos  where they show us other functionalities that Kia Niro has like temperature control in the seats and a rear camera for example. Together, the campaign videos exceed the 30 million views.
However, this would be just the beginning of success for Kia. Back in November 2016, they released their Facebook bot, NiroBot, as a pre-launch strategy. Since then, the NiroBot has successfully served consumers, having 3 or more minutes of average conversation time.
It's been estimated that it has had more than 1 million conversations since its launch, and of which, about 120k were given during the week of the #SmarterWay campaign. Thanks to the contest made the day of the big game, Kia managed to monetize their Facebook bot investing in an AI that can make aware its users of the new model that would be available and also make the information campaign and the process of market research of its potential buyers much more enjoyable and easy.

Source: chatbotmagazine.com

5th Place: Hyundai - “Better Drive Us” Social Media Campaign

If there is something that usually connects very strongly with the American public, is the veterans. In the USA, the military enjoys wide respect for the work and service they provide to their nation either within or outside its borders. For Hyundai, this was an opportunity to connect successfully with their audience and at the same time honour those who serve us, all during an important event: the Big Game of the Super Bowl 2017, and that would mark the start of their entire campaign during 2017 "Better Drive Us ".

Source: Hyundai
With the support of the US Army, Fox Sports, the NFL, the US Department of Security and the digital agency AOR INNOCEAN as well as many others, the commercial "A Better Super Bowl" was filmed the same day of the game in Houston and simultaneously in the US military base located in Zagan, Poland. The commercial lasted 90 seconds and was broadcast immediately after the victory of the Patriots, right before the trophy was presented to the winning team. It took less than an hour to produce it!
The commercial shows the troops of the US military base in Zagan, Poland enjoy the game of Super Bowl 2017 by courtesy of Hyundai, where they prepared a party with a giant screen so that everyone could watch the game and eat as many buffalo wings as they wanted. At that time, three service soldiers: two men (Richard Morrill and Erik Guerrero) and a woman (Trisha Strauch) were taken to a separate section, with immersive tents (military tents with virtual reality equipment) to communicate with none other than their families, through VR, who were witnessing the game live in Houston.

Strategy Achievements and Results

The results of the commercial were immediate, with high positive reactions in all social networks despite the fact that the commercial appeared after the game. On its Facebook page, the video "A Better Super Bowl LI" reached its peak on February 6, 2017 with more than 9.2 million views, 24k shares, 91k of reactions and more than 2200 comments, becoming the Hyundai publication with more engagement in 2017, surpassing in numbers the previous publication of the same video  where 5.2 million views were obtained.
If the numbers of both publications are combined, it is approximately 14.4 million video reproductions only on Facebook. It is listed as the best commercial of Super Bowl 2017 according to Adweek reports.
On Twitter, the post reached more than 1.24 million views, 5.4 k RTs, 9.6k likes and more than 700 comments in real time, mostly being thanks given by many members of the US military and their families. Personalities such as presidential candidate Jeb Bush, actress Aisha Tyler and Chicago Cubs player Kris Bryant immediately supported the campaign on Twitter. It was mentioned in magazines like Forbes and media abroad like The Daily Mail in the UK.

Source: Hyundai Motors America
Hyundai also released on Youtube a video showing the "A Better SuperBowl" behind the scenes, where it explains the process to develop it, the conceptualization, the ideas and the logistics of this great and emotional campaign. If you want more information, please visit the page dedicated to the campaign: Better.

6th Place: Volkswagen - “#VWAdventure” Social Media Influencer Campaign

When we want to reach a wider audience effectively, one of the strategies we can use is the support of influencers in social networks. These people have the ability to generate trends that are followed by millions of people, which makes them perfect to advertise or promote brands. Volkswagen acknowledged this very well and developed in Canada a social networking strategy with some influencers who ventured to have life experiences with the brand.
Developed by Rooftop Agency, the campaign had two main objectives: To present to the audience its new model, the SportWagen All Track, a car that works very well in all terrain, spacious and practical for the day to day driving as in an adventure, and to promote the Tiguan model, already present in the brand, that is ideal for active people who want to bring a balance between the adventurous and the everyday lifestyle. All this showing in small documentary videos of the experience.
Source: marketwire.com
This corresponded well with the estimated audience that it wanted to captivate: campers, surfers, adventurers, explorers, lovers of outdoor living. It was developed more than 150 pieces of content including photographs and videos that were posted on the various networks that Volkswagen Canada and the influencers elected had.
The chosen scenario was Canada and the chosen protagonists were two sports influencers of the country: The surfer Noah Cohen and the mountain biker Cam McCaul, which were taken to different locations in Canada to test the cars and how they could be the perfect companions for every adventure you wish to have.
Through HT #vwadventure, the campaign was monitored and the development of the interactions also seen. But this was not a Volkswagen’s unique work, as other media, influencers, associates, partners like Rip Curl, Tentsile, Monster Energy and more were also involved. Dissemination of the content was mainly through Instagram pages (especially the ones of the selected athletes, which enhanced the interaction with organic users) but it was also done by a set of advertisements, interviews and news.

Strategy Achievements and Results

The channels where there was a greater acceptance were the Instagram and YouTube of both athletes because they were the media selected to disseminate and place the content, since the strategy implied that the athletes posted it themselves as we can see in the feed of Cam McCaul Instagram or Noah Cohen's Youtube channel  , where you can see the material developed. This was done in order to go directly to the audience that interested them and was focused on the followers of both athletes.
A brilliant strategy by Volkswagen of a non-invasive campaign, which not only made them closer to their target audience but also gained allies as sponsors, and the influencers further increased their followers in an organic and real way, feeling identified with them and interested in obtaining one of the vehicles.
Source: Cam McClau (Instagram)
It was widely accepted by the public, the majority from Canada aged between 25 and 35 years. It was interesting because learning and informing windows were opened about both vehicles and about how both athletes integrated them in their adventures. They reached near 5.25 million impressions and over half a million hits on Youtube teasers. On Instagram, the average number of views and likes per publication was around 6.5K.

7th Place: Audi - “Daughter” Ad and Social Media Campaign

When it comes to talking about controversial issues, there are brands that assume some risks, especially because they can generate a great controversy and even more in an event that is as important as it is the Super Bowl. This was the case of Audi, whose campaign called "Daughter" is focused on one of the most uncomfortable problems in the US: the wage gap between men and women.
Source: Audi USA
Audi decided to present a commercial for the Big Game, simple yet with a blunt message for American society today: women in the US still get paid 21% less than men according to the data from a study in 2016 by the US Congress Joint Economic Committee.
The campaign sought to present the commitment assumed by the brand to achieve wage equity between women and men working in their company, which sparked a war of positive and negative comments about the advert, developed by the agency Venables Bells & Partners, generating a great amount of feedback and a discussion that stayed in the networks for several days.
The commercial features a father watching his daughter compete in a go-kart race against different children.  The man, whose voice is acted by George Clooney, makes an introspection and wonders if he should educate his daughter under gender stereotypes. He asks himself questions about what would happen if he teaches her daughter that her grandfather has more value than her grandmother or his father more than her mother, she will automatically think that, despite her intelligence and education, she will be less than any man. At the end, he makes an open question about making a difference.

Strategy Achievements and Results

The video of the campaign "Daughter"  was released on February 1, 2017, the day of the Big Game, where advertising had a reach of 113 million people, and got a lot of feedback at the time of its release. In the Facebook page of Audi USA it has had more than 2.5 Millions of reproductions, accompanied by 16k reactions, 2.2k comments and 7.7k shares. On Twitter, the post began to have immediate reactions and comments. The HT related to the #DriveProgress campaign obtained positive results in all the social networks of Audi and even got the support of personalities like Emma Watson via Twitter.
The video of the campaign additionally received a Clio Awards nomination in the category of "Movie". In addition, the video was commented on several news chains like BBC and Fox News and magazines like Forbes.
However, for Audi, not everything was bright, as it also received a lot of criticism for the campaign on social networks. Youtube is the best example, where the video of the campaign has a radius of approximately 45% - 55% in like -  dislike respectively. Many accused the video of being feminist and handling outdated information since the equitable wage payment is a law that it’s been already in the American laws since 1963 and many claims that the disparity is a myth. In addition, many users, especially the male public said that they were placed as the enemies in the advert.

Source: Fortune.com
To learn more about Audi's initiative and commitment to pay equity, you can visit their Progress  page.







8th Place: Porsche 911 - “Sixteen” Social Media Campaign

Source: Porsche 911
A car is often the dream of many teenagers, especially when they are 16 years old and are beginning to ask their parents if they can take over the car at home. For several generations, the Porsche 911 was the car dreamed up by the American youth and the brand did not let this detail go through for its 2017 marketing strategy, especially for social networks.
The main platform for the campaign was Facebook. Porsche decided to work with a key data of the users following their page: their birthday. Based on it, they developed 6 Facebook Canvas Ads, a new ad unit optimized for smartphones, each with a Porsche 911 model, from its creation and launch to the latest 911 model.
The strategy was that users on their phones would see what it looked like a normal brand publication as any other, but once they clicked on it, redirected them to a personalized microsite based on the Porsche 911 model that was found in the market when they were 16. You can find pictures of the car interior, Porsche advertisements of that time, car information and even hear the sound of that engine you so much wanted, all through a simple carousel interface.
Source: Porsche 911
What does it promotes this? Each user, depending on their age will have a personalized experience that will allow them to reconnect with the Porsche 911 model that made them fall in love in their youth and connect even more with the brand.

Strategy Achievements and Results

Porsche’s Facebook Canvas Ads campaign had around 15 million impressions and more than 2 million views. Many users were surprised about the personalization of the campaign. It also drew to attention the use of a new tool as was the Canvas Facebook Ads in a more interactive and personalized way. The video campaign can still be found on platforms like Vimeo.

Source: Porsche Cars North America Inc.

9th Place: Honda - “The Power of Dreams” Campaign

Many times they tell us that we can fulfil our dreams and achieve whatever we set out to do, but sometimes we do not believe it. What would happen if this was told to you by Viola Davis or Jimmy Kimmel in his youth? This was the idea of Honda for its campaign "The Power of Dreams" with the premiere of its spot for the Super Bowl 2017, "Yearbook" made by the RPA agency in Los Angeles.

Source: Bill Gross (Twitter)
A motivation message addressed to all those students who still don’t know what to do with their lives, going through the yearbooks of different famous personalities under the slogan "Belief in the power of dreams". The advertising shows a tour of various yearbooks but the protagonists are young versions of great personalities such as Missy Elliot and Stan Lee, telling a little about the dreams they had as young people as well as what motivated and encouraged them to achieve said dreams through an inspiring message.
One of the highlights is that they show how they really look, with the same hairstyle and attire of that time through the yearbooks using 3D technology with the real faces, as well as the omission of political or controversial issues in the advertising. Honda showed that sometimes a simple message is a successful strategy.
And all of this was to introduce its latest version of the CR-V and celebrate the 20th anniversary of the SUV line, which has been breaking sales records in recent months in the category of commercial vehicles in the USA.
Another significant fact that the Honda campaign had is that it was launched on Thursday, February 2, just when the "Throwback Thursday" or #TBT Day falls, an especially significant day for social networks because on that day things are remembered "retro " (although it already had shown a preview on February 1st). Also, one of the objectives of the campaign was to generate an emotional connection with it.

Strategy Achievements and Results

According to data provided by the marketing assistant vice president of Honda, Sussie Rossick, approximately 50 million people saw the commercial through the social networks of the company and the campaign was commented by important magazines such as Forbes and the NY Post. It had the support of other media such as Amazon, ESPN and Yahoo in its main pages. The announcement also came second in the annual popularity contest of USA Today, the Super Bowl’s Ad Meter, being surpassed only by Kia. Likewise, Honda contacted several of the protagonists of the video so they could interact with the public on social networks.

Source: Jimmy Kimmel (Twitter)
Today you can find different divisions of Honda social networks worldwide still using the HT of the #ThePowerOfDreams campaign. Advertising video can still be found on pages like AdAge.

10th Place: Chevrolet - “All-New LEGO® Batmobile from Chevy” Campaign

Under the slogan "Real People, no actors"; Chevrolet introduced this interesting advertising made with pieces of LEGO® to promote the new film "The LEGO® Batman Movie", premiering on February 10, 2017 in the US, with which was also glimpsed the partnership between Chevrolet, Warner Bros. and LEGO ®.
The story is very simple: a group of small people of lego is invited to a focus group courtesy of Chevy to determine what type of person would be best suited to lead the new Batmobile, among which is Batman.
Everyone starts to give their opinion. One of them said that since it has opaque colours, it should be a person with low self-esteem; Another says that having rockets points out that it must also be a defensive person and others say it should be a person with few friends because he has no rear seats. Then a woman proposes that it is perfect for picking up a kids after a soccer practice, all of those opinions causing Batman’s frustration.
Despite being oriented towards a younger audience, Paul Edwards, marketing vice president of the US Chevrolet said they had decided to make this alliance with Warner Bros. because the film reflected values that were similar to the ones that the brand "Chevy" represented like imagination, family and community, those which are integrated to the value of partnership.

Source: General Motors Corporate Newsroom
But things didn’t stayed in just a simple advertising. Chevrolet announced that it would build the full-scale model in conjunction with students from Detroit's Cody Rouge Community for the North American International Auto Show. For the Batman movies, Chevrolet is usually the responsible with creating cars for Batman, so this time would be no exception.

Strategy Achievements and Results

The campaign had positive results, especially at the launch on television as it was presented during the Super Bowl 2017, capturing more than anything the attention of young audiences and fans of the Dark Knight. In social networks was released on January 14, on Facebook and Twitter where the highest engagement was generated. On Facebook the video obtained around 413k reproductions, 6.1k shares and more than 4.6k reactions. The same day was published via Twitter where it reached its maximum point of visualization: 8.31 million with 650 RT and 1.2k likes.

Source: Chevrolet